About Us

We are a small family business based entirely in Carlisle with various properties throughout the city, a number of which are dedicated specifically to Student rentals.

We can accommodate yourself or a group in one of our conveniently located houses - contact us ASAP to secure your home.

Having decades of property rental and developing experience, and having been university students ourselves, we are ideally placed to provide you with well specified and competitively priced accommodation during your time in our city.

As we own all our property you will deal directly with us, the landlords, so minimal needless and expensive administration, slow repairs or over zealous inspections etc.. all we ask is that you respect our houses, pay your rent and we will do our best to ensure you have an enjoyable stay in the city.

Our houses are all located within short walks of University of Cumbria Fusehill street campus making them ideal if you study there or Brampton Rd campus, and of course this also means they are within easy access of the cities nightlife and other amenities

We are NLA accredited landlords, and accredited to the University of Cumbria and Carlisle City Council.

Our Houses

We provide all the comforts and equipment of home that you would come to expect - washing machines, dryers, central heating etc and all the furnishings too - all rooms have all the furniture you would expect , beds ,drawers, wardrobes, chairs, mirrors...

The vast majority of our rooms are a decent 'double' size i.e. can accommodate a double bed as well as other furnishings.

You will always find our houses to have additional bathrooms and en-suites, good sized kitchen and lounge areas, so that your stay will be sociable but not cramped!

We also have a number of rooms with an en-suite bath or showroom, and a number of rooms with 'vanity unit' basins, giving you extra convenience and privacy, whilst also taking the load off the shared facilities.

All properties carry the relevant certification for Gas Safety (annual) and Electrical safety (5 yearly). In addition to regular smoke alarms, many of our properties are equipped with hard-wired fire alarm systems.

Rents and Deposits

Our experience has lead us to offer two types of rental - fully inclusive and partially inclusive.

We offer rooms in our larger houses (5 rooms or over) on a FULLY INCLUSIVE rental basis - ie. gas electric water wifi are all included in your weekly room rent..no bills to squabble over.

Our small houses (4 rooms and less) are on a PARTIALLY INCLUSIVE rental basis if rented by a group - ie. room rent includes Wi-Fi. Your group would be expected to look after your own utility bill costs, but your weekly room rents are significantly less to allow for this. We will help you set this up with meter readings etc. However if not a group and let as individual rooms then they will be on a FULLY INCLUSIVE rental basis as above (same as larger houses)

However you choose to rent - full time University of Cumbria Students are Council Tax exempt upon providing to the council your 'student exemption' certificate.

Our contract lengths are set at 46 weeks, less than some landlords - and we are flexible too on your start dates as required - get in touch we can surely help you out with your requirements.

Deposits - your deposit per room is £250 and is of course fully refundable subject to terms of your contract - put very simply - paying all your rent and not damaging the property above and fair wear and tear. we are legally obliged to 'protect' your deposit in a scheme - we use mydeposits - the only admin fee you will pay to us is £30 to cover this and the initial writing of your contract. Any students staying on for future years with us, as many do, have this cost waived automatically on re-writing of your contract

Retainers- Securing your Rooms - upon signing of your contract, you would pay to us a £100 non refundable retainer - this is then topped up with the balance of your deposit and tenancy administration fee, so that by the time you have moved in, you have paid £280, £250 refundable.